Snowflake: Medium Upcycled Handsewn Panties

Snowflake: Medium Upcycled Handsewn Panties

Using a tech conference T-shirt from a friend and a shimmery blouse I got from a thrift store, I made these fun panties. In a handwriting font, the back says: "Sure, no two flakes are alike...but the smart ones make money." A good sentiment to keep on your butt I guess. The back is white and the front is shimmery navy blue. The leghole piping is plain navy blue, but the waistband is also soft shimmery navy.

It's a brilliant solution for putting your money where your beliefs are, if you believe in wearing briefs, in keeping reuseable stuff out of our landfills, and buying everyday products that are made in the USA.

General Size: medium largish and high waisted
Crotch cradle: navy blue