About Up & Undies

Why, How, Wha?!

Summer 2015, I wanted to duplicate my favorite pair of undies that were out of production. I've been sewing since I was eight, so it seemed like a challenge I could rise to. I used old T-shirts as practice fabric, realized how much fun it was to preserve shirts from the past with awesome graphics, and I just kept on sewing them. Each pair is one-of-a-kind, and nothing about the process is automated. They bring smiles to the most hardened hearts. 

Treat them like your favorite tee, wash and dry on normal cycles. Sorry, no returns, but ask about alterations or making you a custom pair.


Want more Up & Undies fun? Throw a cheeky party! If you’re in the Seattle area, invite guests bring their own shirts and I’ll bring the scissors, patterns and measuring tape for custom-made pairs.

Custom Made Pairs

Join the upcycle revolution. Send me a bag of gently used clothes to be reimagined into fun new undies.


Up & Undies is a collection of handmade underwear sewn from locally sourced, upcycled T-shirts. Zero-waste, 100 percent fun. Women's undies range from hipsters and granny pants to French cut. I call the women's collection "crotch cradles." There are four different styles of men's undies: a jockey brief "banana hammock", the knitted short "twig and berry tamer", backless knitted briefs and cute jock straps.

Crotch Cradle:

Banana Hammock:

Twig & Berry Tamer:

Backless Brief

Jock Strap